Unbranded Nicotine Shots (18mg/ml)

Unbranded Nicotine Shots (18mg/ml)

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Unbranded Nicotine Shots 10ml (18mg/ml), 450 Bottles = £0.65 each (ex. VAT), 900 Bottles = £0.60 each (ex. VAT), 1800 Bottles = £0.56 each (ex. VAT), 2700 Bottles = £0.55 each (ex. VAT), 3600 Bottles = £0.55 each (ex. VAT), 4500 Bottles = £0.54 each (ex. VAT)

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We developed this range of products so that we can continue to provide our pharmaceutical grade nicotine in a fully compliant 10ml bottle at a strength of 18mg/ml. These products are intended for larger business customers to resell as individual bottles alongside their own products. Each has a 'peel and reveal' label containing all the necessary information meaning additional leaflets are no longer required. Simply supply this compliant product alongside your own for a fully compliant 'nicotine-sold-separately' solution. 

450 Bottles = £0.65 each (ex. VAT)
900 Bottles = £0.60 each (ex. VAT)
1800 Bottles = £0.56 each (ex. VAT)
2700 Bottles = £0.55 each (ex. VAT)
3600 Bottles = £0.55 each (ex. VAT)
4500 Bottles = £0.54 each (ex. VAT)


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